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Just what François did! Available on: DVD (import) Day 24:  L Idole (The Idol) Directed: Samantha Lang Written: Gérard Brach, Samantha Lang, Michel Tournier One day a new tenant enters an old house in Paris. Available on: DVD (import) Day 11: La môme  (La vie en rose ) Directed: Olivier Dahan Written: Olivier Dahan The most memorable songs from the 40s wouldnt be the classics that they are now without the one and only Edith Piaf. The sensational comedy is called the best that has ever been created by French filmmakers! Translated Dans cet Off n101 d' Affaire Conclue Julien nous parle de ces magnifiques panneaux qu'il a acheté à Wesley! Say yes to the entire masquerade. His neighbor Eva locks herself out of the flat and needs help desperately. What do you think of this beautiful giant duck of Julien's friend, John Artillery? Fascinated by passion and misery of his new pal, Zao offers Sarah a magical Chinese cure for her melancholy Available on: DVD (import) Day 25: La Boum! So, good for you! Communicating with the outer world only through a speech therapist, Jean-Do was still able to write a compelling book that hooks you from the beginning til the end. In This 106 off of @ :274:Affaire Conclue françoise and Julien are talking about this beautiful 1840 Firefighter Helmet Helmet! S1, Ep 1: Mystic Mayhem, full Episode 22:30, mash-Ups. Le premier vendeur de cette saison 2 est Bénédict. Available on: Amazon Instant Video Day 9: Un Monstre à Paris (A monster in Paris) Directed: Bibo Bergeron Written: Bibo Bergeron Watch the animated version of Vanessa Paradis wow audiences with her lovely butterfly wings outfit.

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But when the doorbell rings, Yan faces a half-naked lady on his threshold. The first seller of this season 2 is Benedict. Available on: Amazon Instant Video Day 26: La Double Vie de Véronique (The Double Life of Véronique) Directed: Krzysztof Kieslowski Written: Krzysztof Kieslowski The movie The Double Life of Véronique provides you with the inside look into the life story of two young women, who.  Sex is in the air. A gag-filled movie Rien à Déclarer happens to be the number one French hit of 2011! A successful artist is waiting for his date Florence at his apartment. A grey graveyard of sky-scrapers and misery! What can you do while balancing between life and death? When staying at her sisters place in Antibes, Sophie meets Alain, whos a whale trainer with a tragic past. In This 104 off of @ :274:Affaire Conclue Jean-François tells us the story of the propeller he sold to Julien! In a 1962 setting, everything that surrounds Therese is her own prison: half-hearted marriage to the man who seems absolutely indifferent, the unwanted baby and the thoughts that keep roaming through Thereses mind. Translated Que pensez-vous de ce magnifique Canard Géant de l'ami de Julien, John Totoff? Translated Nous sommes de retour avec l'Off n100 d' Affaire Conclue! Available on: Netflix Day 15: Jeune Jolie (Young Beautiful) Directed: François Ozon Written: François Ozon A young 17-year-old, sweet and girly Isabelle is on her summer vocation with all the family members when alll of a sudden she is thurst into the grown-up life. Available on: DVD (import) Day 20:Le Jouet (The Toy) Directed: Francis Veber Written: Francis Veber A step-by-step guidance on how to play somebody elses life when youre up to your neck with money.

gives more life and authenticity to the film. M/url, europe 1 this morning. Available on: Netflix (DVD only Amazon Instant Video, want to know how you can use movies to learn French? Available on: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video Day 10: Je taime, Je taime (I Love You) Directed: Alain Resnais Written: Jacques Sternberg This is defintiely one of the most underrated films of all time from director Alain Resnais. One day Chloe finds out theres a water lily growing in her lung. For a better experience on Facebook, update your browser. Available on: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video Day 16: Le Fabuleux destin dAmelie Poulain (The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain) Directed: Jean-Pierre Jeunet Written: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Guillaume Laurant Known among movie-addicts just as Amelie, this film is without a doubt a number one chick flick. An impressive and attention-hooking story line combined with Michel Gondrys creativity turns into a surreal never-to-be-forgotten movie! The plot shows all the ups and downs of family life in a comedy-drama perspective. This is Adele, one of our youngest clients!

Sophie Brussaux (Drake s baby mum).

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Translated instagram, le premier mini concert de Julien, accompagné de son coach Steven, aux Puces de Saint-Ouen! In This 102 off of @ :274:Affaire Conclue Julien and rémy talk about this beautiful alsatian barrel lock sold during the show. Available on: Amazon Instant Video, day 2: De Rouille et dOs (Rust and Bone). Available on: Amazon Instant Video Day 18: Intouchables  (The Intouchables) Directed: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano Written: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano No raunchy jokes or chick-flick stuff. At the same time, a fragile but brave enough lady fends off snags organized by archaeologist Dieuleveult. Translated Dans cet Off n102 d' Affaire Conclue Julien et Rémy nous parlent de ce magnifique Verrou de Tonneau Alsacien vendu durant l'émission. And youve probably got your own à voir list. Travel in time with Ms Piafs enduring music and Marion Cotillards Oscar-winning performance that will wihtout a doubt, leave traces in the history of cinematography. Still the end impresses even the most sarcastic movie fans, when François makes friends with a kid showing him how tyrannical his fathers life. SpongeBob SquarePants, s11, Ep 17, Part A: Mustard O' Mine. Full Episode 11:45, henry Danger, s4, Ep 17: Diamonds Are For Heather. The plot picks up speed when Florence and Evas hellishly jealous man Boris pops up on Yans doorstep! A couple that is peacefully enjoying everyday life in retirement until the day, when the woman has a small stroke.